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No.133 Saaya Mizushima

Girls NumberNo.133
NameSaaya Mizushima
SizesB85(E) W58 H83
Charm Pointeye
Blood Type
Self Trend
Special SkillsLotion play&Massage
S or M
Available OptionsMassages / Mix Bath Royal Lotion / Ear Picking / Costume Play
Special Booking
Self PRNice to meet you! It is Saaya Mizushima I will absolutely refresh my work as I'm doing a massage ! Also, since it's a shy shop, I will repay you with a good deal if you are praised. I will work hard so that I can choose and chose me and I think that it was good to meet you. Thank you!
Manager Comment
- Schedule -
10/17 (TUE) 13:00 ~ 25:00
10/18 (WED)
10/19 (THU)
10/20 (FRI)
10/21 (SAT)
10/22 (SUN) 19:00 ~ 25:00
10/23 (MON)