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No.25 Karen Mizuoti

Girls NumberNo.25
NameKaren Mizuoti
SizesT162 B86(F) W56 H84
Charm PointVoice
Blood Type
HobbyHot Yoga
Self TrendCooking
Special SkillsEnglish conversation
Available OptionsMassages / Mix Bath Royal Lotion / Ear Picking / Costume Play
Special Booking
Self PRHi♪I can speak English☆☆☆I have little experience with massage or customs, but I studied so that everyone will be healed pleasantly in the course! I'm rather S type, so I feel nervous when men see me naked or H by being thrilled ☆ Please do not hesitate to tell me if there is hope or strong / weak massage ☆ S but I will do it properly ♡ Let's enjoy time together like healing, pleasure and love together in a limited time ♪
Manager CommentKaren's introduction ☆ Height of 162 cm, Slender ☆ Specifications that pass even in pretty or cute systems (^ ^ ♪ A nasty aura has drifted from the interview. And, personality is S! It is said that she will be excited about the man's feeling! ! Elegant massage in naked appearance of Karen who is blamed by such a beautiful girl ... Please try it.
- Schedule -
8/16 (THU)
8/17 (FRI) 14:00 ~ 25:00
8/18 (SAT)
8/19 (SUN)
8/20 (MON)
8/21 (TUE)
8/22 (WED)