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No.164 Asuka Ichijo

Girls NumberNo.164
NameAsuka Ichijo
SizesT155 B95(H) W55 H83
Charm PointMouth
Blood Typeo
HobbyDarts and horse racing
Self TrendGym Pool
Special SkillsLip service
Available OptionsMassages / Mix Bath Royal Lotion / Ear Picking / Costume Play
Special BookingNot Required
Self PRNice to meet you! I think that there is an unfamiliar part, but I am glad if you will watch warmly because I study a lot and work hard. So that you can spend your time together I'll do my best, so please get along with me!
Manager CommentHighest breast busty H cup ♪ It is intense kawa! ! ! Everyone ,,,,, you will notice it by looking at photos ,,,,,,, unconditionally cute. Honestly, TOP ranker candidates are undoubtedly quality and H cup + horny personality + the most powerful and cute face and unbeatable! ! ! Do you have reasons for not appointing this child? I truly adopt a carefully selected high class beautiful woman in our shop, but even such a me, I was caught momentarily. Now, please drown with H cup. Please do it with erotic massage.
- Schedule -
2/24 (SAT) 18:00 ~ 28:00
2/25 (SUN) 21:00 ~ 28:00
2/26 (MON)
2/27 (TUE)
2/28 (WED)
3/1 (THU)
3/2 (FRI)