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No.88 Chika Matumoto

Girls NumberNo.88
NameChika Matumoto
SizesT168 B82(C) W57 H78
Charm PointSmile · Soft skin, Soft ass
Blood Type
Self TrendYOU TUBE
Special SkillsBJ
Available OptionsBBBJ/Massages / Mix Bath Royal Lotion / Ear Picking / Costume Play
Special BookingNot Required
Self PRNice to meet you ♡ You have a relationship, you are going to debut as a therapist. Because the lady's tits are Lolitic, I can not win against big tits girls ,,, Please feel good with lots of lively blowjobs ♡ But, because I want you to feel comfortable even in the lollipai of Chika, let's taste the unreal world by firmly doing massage as long as time H
Manager CommentMake this our biggest big tits ourselves and adopt a dare Lori therapist! ! There is a reason to adopt it! I am good at raw blow job, I am good at H play anyway, polite wording, not a body shape halfway! ! Hiring adopted! Of course, we also have complete massage courses, so please be relieved. I'm sure I will be addicted to it if I meet a Lori therapist (chika) once ♪
- Schedule -
3/19 (MON)
3/20 (TUE) 14:00 ~ 26:00
3/21 (WED) 14:00 ~ 26:00
3/22 (THU)
3/23 (FRI) 14:00 ~ 26:00
3/24 (SAT) 18:00 ~ 24:00
3/25 (SUN)