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No.151 Ema Katou

Girls NumberNo.151
NameEma Katou
SizesT162 B86(D) W56 H84
Charm PointEyes
Blood Type
HobbyWatching movies
Self TrendI'm addicted to old clothes.
Special Skills
S or M
Available OptionsMassages / Mix Bath Royal Lotion / Ear Picking / Costume Play
Special BookingNot Required
Self PRNice to meet you, EMA Kato. It is often said that it seems to be cold, but it is actually very sweet paw. I think that it is good if I can spend time to flirt with a visitor.
Manager Comment
- Schedule -
12/13 (WED)
12/14 (THU) 18:00 ~ 29:30
12/15 (FRI) 14:00 ~ 22:00
12/16 (SAT)
12/17 (SUN)
12/18 (MON)
12/19 (TUE)