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No.55 Hikari Narumi

Girls NumberNo.55
NameHikari Narumi
SizesT155 B82(D) W57 H83
Charm PointConstriction
Blood TypeA
Self TrendHalo Pro likes Idol
Special SkillsDragon Service
Available OptionsBBBJ/Massages / Mix Bath Royal Lotion / Ear Picking / Costume Play
Special BookingNot Required
Self PRNice to meet you. I am still learning, but I will try hard so that I can heal you with all my heart, thank you. I like hugging. I’d like you to experience my close contact body washing.
Manager CommentShe is beautiful! ! Manners, gestures, and sexy body with splendid neck ... A silhouette like the model and beautiful white skin with softness♪ You will be caught by her natural sidelong glance ! Thoughtfulness of trying to heal your feelings surely ♪ Even while she is easygoing you can feel erotic at full throttle ♪ Generous service spirit ♪
- Schedule -
4/26 (THU)
4/27 (FRI)
4/28 (SAT)
4/29 (SUN)
4/30 (MON)
5/1 (TUE)
5/2 (WED)