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No.53 Hina Kamiyama

Girls NumberNo.53
NameHina Kamiyama
SizesT.159 B.84(C) W.57 H.83
Charm PointSmile
Blood TypeO
Self TrendPressed Flower
Special Skills
Available OptionsMassages / Mix Bath Royal Lotion / Ear Picking / Costume Play
Special BookingNot Required
Self PR
Manager CommentShe works as a massage therapist in the daytime. The best thing about her is she has a great figure. And neatly dressed. She is a beautiful and slender woman that everybody looks back. plus, she is fluent in English as well. Heaven does not grant people with more than one talent. Yet she is both intelligent and gorgeous. She moves gracefully with elegant manner and hospitality like she works in an exclusive residential area. The moment you met her, You will feel like dreaming with relaxing massage then you are ready to go to the heaven. You might doubt, " is it really okay to touch her?" or "Doesn't she get angry?" No worries! You just enjoy your special and sexy time with the real massage therapist. But she is a new to that kind of job, so gentlemen only please. This is a few chance to meet like her and her workdays are not fixed. So, don't miss that rare and priceless joy.
- Schedule -
4/24 (TUE)
4/25 (WED)
4/26 (THU)
4/27 (FRI)
4/28 (SAT)
4/29 (SUN)
4/30 (MON)