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No.20 Inori Mizusiro

Girls NumberNo.20
NameInori Mizusiro
SizesT158 B90(G) W58 H88
Charm PointMole of a mouth
Blood TypeA
Self Trenddiet
Special SkillsDragon Service/BBBJ
Available OptionsMassages / Mix Bath Royal Lotion / Ear Picking / Costume Play
Special BookingNot Required
Self PRNice to meet you. I’m Inori Mizuki. I love something erotic and I can’t wait to talk to you more than anything else ! ! If you have the same hobby succer as mine, we are talking about it... But It’s a limited time, so we flirt with each other like lovers, after all, or popular nowadays...we taste a secret relationship like an adulterous couple together... Don’t you feel excited? Let’s flirt and relax together ♪
Manager CommentA Beauty with sharp features and big boobs is joining . Still not being overawed by the atmosphere of this industry, a pure personality also directs the best time with this big boobs for you. She was struggling with aquiring massage skill during the course, but she was reviewing so enthusiastically, so you can see her serious personality. Of course, the erotic service using big boobs is part of her specialty, so you will be able to enjoy it without regret until the end.
- Schedule -
5/24 (THU)
5/25 (FRI)
5/26 (SAT)
5/27 (SUN)
5/28 (MON)
5/29 (TUE)
5/30 (WED)