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No.128 Ito Natuki

Girls NumberNo.128
NameIto Natuki
SizesT157 B90(G) W58 H87
Charm PointSmiling face
Blood TypeO
HobbyRoom-cleaning ♡
Self TrendHalf body bath
Special SkillsBlowjob ♡
Available OptionsMassages / Mix Bath Royal Lotion / Ear Picking / Costume Play
Special Booking¥2,000
Self PRNice to meet you, my name is Natsuki. I would like to do a massage with my heart. I'd like to make a pleasant moment by putting that twist into my horny things Please tell me a lot of pleasant place favorite play etc. I am looking forward to seeing you.
Manager CommentI have a hunch of here getting requests after requests. 【Beautiful white skin】【Well-featured appearance】【Cleanliness】 【A laden G cup size】【Perfectly shaped style】 Her charm is countless. 【Meticulous massage】【Tantalizing massage】 【Comfortable maiden voice】【Cheerful character】 【Gracefully erotic hand technique】 Also loves to make out Makes you feel like as if you are true lover Guaranteed G cup you wish to come back to. Ultimate Healing. Everything you look will be through rose-colored glasses. Worthy of the High Class Store. Top-notch service and cuteness Your body and soul will be melted thick and creamy. Since your entire body will become an erogenous zone, Most likely you will need some time to rest after the play. Long course reservation is strongly recommended.
- Schedule -
2/24 (SAT)
2/25 (SUN)
2/26 (MON)
2/27 (TUE)
2/28 (WED)
3/1 (THU)
3/2 (FRI)