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No.156 Izumi Miura

Girls NumberNo.156
NameIzumi Miura
SizesT167 B82(D) W57 H85
Charm PointMeans means skin
Blood TypeA
HobbyDragon Quest
Self TrendDragon Quest
Special SkillsIt's for the first time, so I'll study now.
S or MM
Available OptionsMassages / Mix Bath Royal Lotion / Ear Picking / Costume Play
Special BookingNot Required
Self PRHow do you do!! I'm Izumi! It's for the first time, so I'm tense! Please tell me variously.
Manager CommentThe neatness system beauty who has the pure atmosphere purely. An outstanding style, attractive "Izumi Miura", make. The character light in tallness like a model. The lady who seems to seem to open up to everyone right now. The long hand and foot which developed thinly in the SUBESUBE surface full of feeling of the transparency. The style is also outstanding by a dryness leather looks! The character is also she who is cheerful and often opens up. You're just here and make it cheerful fun feeling together. I have that you can play with such good child only now! The telephone rather early by all means!
- Schedule -
1/21 (SUN)
1/22 (MON) 20:00 ~ 23:30
1/23 (TUE)
1/24 (WED)
1/25 (THU)
1/26 (FRI)
1/27 (SAT)