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No.51 Kanon Aida

Girls NumberNo.51
NameKanon Aida
SizesT155 B92(F) W57 H84
Charm Point
Blood TypeB
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Manager CommentA promising new-comer. Clean and innocent with perfectly shaped large breast of F cup. Very sweet girl you will rarely encounter. Maximum cuteness with the gentle healing tone of voice. Always smiling. You would want to protect her. It wouldn’t be over stating to say she is the number 1 beauty of this store. “Today, I want to be comforted by a kind and extremely cute girl and feel fully relaxed” Strongly recommended for people who feel Smooth beautiful white skin over flowing with youth and fluffy perfectly shaped large breast of F cup. Furthermore Although she is has no experience in the industry, her aggressive sexual desire stands out. The moment innocent shy girl turns on her switch. There are no girls you can get more excited from making out. The massage technique is average, but There is a lot of room for growth. The luck of finding a diamond in the rough Please enjoy the intimate contact of her perfectly shaped large breast to the fullest!
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