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No.154 Koharu suzumiya

Girls NumberNo.154
NameKoharu suzumiya
SizesT158 B90(F) W57 H86
Charm PointBreast and tear BOKURO
Blood TypeO
Self Trend
Special SkillsICHAICHA motomata PAIZURIFERA
S or MBoth
Available Options
Special BookingNot Required
Self PRHow do you do, Suzumiya Koharu. I'm throbbing with the first time very much. I exert myself strenuously, so please take care!
Manager CommentIt's outstanding in a looks! It's outstanding in charm! The F cup beauty who is soft and beautiful even if she also gets a demeanor, "Suzumiya Koharu", make. The high specification beauty who understands by a look! The moment I went out and met, it seems to fall in love. Beautiful big breasts of PURUN and the F cup which bursts. The male eyes are in nailing in the chest! I'm here, if, the gentle character I have. An outstanding looks and thick service are an ace. I think it's added to everybody's expectation.
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1/22 (MON)
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1/25 (THU)
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