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No.147 Aika Mori

Girls NumberNo.147
NameAika Mori
SizesT.158 B.86(E) W.57 H.83
Charm PointHip
Blood TypeA
HobbyGentlman,Suger and Daddy
Self TrendYoga
Special SkillsMassage
S or MS&M
Available OptionsMassages / Mix Bath Royal Lotion / Ear Picking / Costume Play
Special Booking
Self PRLet's spend sweet time together!
Manager Comment [Aika Mori] will also guide you as a super therapist! ! She has outstanding skills, it is exactly a good disposition! ! ! Furthermore, not only technical aspects but also the best style like a model ☆ A cute white E cup ♪ The perfect nude ! We recommend as much as we can! Please come and enjoy our long course! ! We recommend immediate telephone when you see it.
- Schedule -
12/13 (WED) 24:00 ~ 27:00
12/14 (THU) 24:00 ~ 27:00
12/15 (FRI) 24:00 ~ 27:00
12/16 (SAT) 24:00 ~ 27:00
12/17 (SUN)
12/18 (MON)
12/19 (TUE)