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No.147 Aika Mori

Girls NumberNo.147
NameAika Mori
SizesT.158 B.86(E) W.57 H.83
Charm PointHip
Blood TypeA
HobbyGentlman,Suger and Daddy
Self TrendYoga
Special SkillsMassage
Available OptionsMassages / Mix Bath Royal Lotion / Ear Picking / Costume Play
Special Booking
Self PRI love something erotic and also have confidence in my massage ☆ Still it may be nervous for me to meet someone who I meet for the first time, I'm happy if you welcome me kindly ♪ If you nominate me, I'll do my best to make a rich service for you to be said that it was the best in a limited time ☆ Let's have a sweet time together ☆
Manager CommentRecently, as newcomers are joining almost every day, without exception 【Aika Mori】 will also guide you wiith confidence as a superb therapist! ! I think that some of our customers have various preferences such as newcomer type (having little experience in this industry) or special female who have experience of this industry, outstanding technology and service, etc. but she is a talent exactly having all the good points because she is inexperience and has outstanding skills. Once you experience her massage full of sense and natual moist eros, you will be addictive ☆ Furthermore, not only technical aspects but also the facial features like a model and the best style ☆ White F-cup boobs of her ♪ The perfect nude is worth looking! ! She is an outstanding talent so it is absolutely unsatisfactory at the 90 minute course. We will recommend as much as we can ! Please come and enjoy our long course! ! Since there is no doubt that it will become indispensable for reservations in the future, we recommend calling us immediately as soon as possible.
- Schedule -
2/24 (SAT) 24:00 ~ 29:00
2/25 (SUN) 24:00 ~ 29:00
2/26 (MON) 24:00 ~ 29:00
2/27 (TUE) 24:00 ~ 29:00
2/28 (WED) 23:00 ~ 29:00
3/1 (THU) 23:00 ~ 29:00
3/2 (FRI) 23:00 ~ 29:00