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No.95 Saori Ishida

Girls NumberNo.95
NameSaori Ishida
SizesT152 B85(C) W57 H80
Charm PointEyes and Hip
Blood TypeB
Self Trendyoga
Special SkillsBlow job&erotic massage
Available OptionsMassages / Mix Bath Royal Lotion / Ear Picking / Costume Play
Special BookingNot Required
Self PRwhich I get a grip to the person whom I met for the first time, and it may seem that it is so, but is often tense a little I am always pampered by the gentleness of the visitor It loves to be considered to be it to massage. ♪ which I only see it being relaxed, and not inviting him a feeling, and looking, and Saori becomes glad of in excitement unintentionally In nobody towards most I put love and try so hard that I have you be comfortable! Of without reserve much massage request it; and lower ☆ 彡 I feel naughty while flirting and, please become comfortable, and ♪ Saori watches a face pleased with much and wants to be excited much (*^_^*) Thank you for having you read till the last. (*^^)v where I would like to speak to Saori from now on
Manager CommentIt is the beautiful woman of prettier features to be beautiful not to feel like the character being bright, and having met in adult women of a lot of smiles for the first time. The massage is an adaptable fighting potential level, too! As for the naughty service, new year and the hand technique are unrivaled articles! Please enjoy it much at time! The girl who can be satisfied by all means is recommended.
- Schedule -
7/19 (THU)
7/20 (FRI)
7/21 (SAT)
7/22 (SUN)
7/23 (MON)
7/24 (TUE)
7/25 (WED)