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No.135 Yuuko Sakura

Girls NumberNo.135
NameYuuko Sakura
SizesT.157 B.88(E) W.59 H.86
Charm PointEyes
Blood TypeB
Self Trend
Special Skills
S or MBoth
Available OptionsMassages / Mix Bath Royal Lotion / Ear Picking / Costume Play
Special BookingNot Required
Self PRNice to meet you, Yuko Sakura. Because I have confidence in massage, please take my massage by all means if you are tired of your body. It is said that boobs are also good soft ♡ I will do my best to relax both mind and body.
Manager Comment
- Schedule -
10/17 (TUE) 19:30 ~ 26:00
10/18 (WED)
10/19 (THU) 21:30 ~ 28:00
10/20 (FRI) 21:30 ~ 28:00
10/21 (SAT)
10/22 (SUN)
10/23 (MON)