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Girl Number: 11
Message: Nice to meet you. I'm Ren. People tend to think it's cool, but I love chatting. Also, I have various aspects. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of 'Ren' you can draw out. I will continue to do my best to satisfy you, so please support me! Let's spend a relaxing time together.
Age: 22
Height & Measurements: 153, B.86 W.57 H.84, Cup E
Character Type: Cheerful, Elegance, Friendly, Neatness, Positive
Hobby: Cooking
Favorite Food: Sashimi and white chocolate!
Charm Point: Dimple ♡ Teeth, Smile
Self Trend: Collecting perfumes!, collecting underwear
English Level: level of daily English conversation

Manager's Comments

Ren is a beautiful girl with top class looks and style. Innocent beauty everyone wishes for. It’s not over-exaggerating to say that she represents the neat, innocent and healing type of girl everyone wishes for! Ren has an easy going great, personality. Very cute face with a slim body, she has great E-cup breasts that will keep anyone’s eyes glued to her! Not only is she physically attractive, she has this easy going vibe which makes you lose the sense of time. Please enjoy her fully!

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Ren's Blog

Ren - I bought the S size because I wanted to wear it tightly(,,> Favorite 0
💓 Please don’t stand me up on Christmas🎄❄❤️ ♡REN♡ - 💓 Please don’t stand me up on Christmas🎄❄❤️ ♡REN♡ Favorite 0
I will make you feel good ♡ - Who can call me tonight? I will do a lot of lip service ♡ Ren ♡ Favorite 0
I went to work. From Ren Hasumi - Thank you for coming to see me the other day. This time it was perfect timing. The time is really passing quic … Continue reading I went to work. From Ren Hasumi
【video】Ren Hasumi - Ren Hasumi(21) T.153 B.86(E) W.57 H.84 She has great body proportion, beautiful, and service are wonderful, an … Continue reading 【video】Ren Hasumi
nice to meet you form Ren - My name is Ren Hasumi Thank you for visitors. I am at work today Would you mind please call me 💗 Time … Continue reading nice to meet you form Ren


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