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No.52 Saaya Mizushima

Girls NumberNo.52
NameSaaya Mizushima
Charm Pointeye
Blood Type
HobbyHuman observation while walking
Self TrendSee You laugh
Special SkillsLotion play&Massage
Available OptionsMassages / Mix Bath Royal Lotion / Ear Picking / Costume Play
Special BookingNot Required
Self PRNice to meet you! It is Saaya Mizushima I will absolutely refresh my work as I'm doing a massage ! Also, since it's a shy shop, I will repay you with a good deal if you are praised. I will work hard so that I can choose and chose me and I think that it was good to meet you. Thank you!
Manager CommentHer unequal interest in erotic massage made her dive into this industry She is an actual esthetician with national license. She has absolute confidence in her massage Normally, if massage is too good, you might say “There is no such a girl who is pretty and good a massage at the same time” WRONG!!! Such a tremendous perfect beauty She is too cute you don’t want to waste your time blinking. Her distinctive eyes suck you in. Then you will be allured into heavenly healing wonderland The destination awaits you with glamorous body and finely shaped E cup breast. Fresh smile and little bit of shame. Service overflowing with hospitality and professional massage is just plain impressive. Directing and concentrating lymph from all over the body to the groin. You can feel freshness, you have never experienced before. Most important, The bright and gentle character heals you completely Stretch, foot massage and even chiropractic is part of her specialty Beautiful looks, and beautiful breast and specialist of massage! As a top class esthetician. She gives everything she has every single time. Please pay attention!!! She is usually busy, so she might be only available once or twice a week. If she is ever available, I recommend making reservation immediately.
- Schedule -
2/20 (WED)
2/21 (THU)
2/22 (FRI)
2/23 (SAT)
2/24 (SUN)
2/25 (MON)
2/26 (TUE)