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No.66 Ako Shirogane

Girls NumberNo.66
NameAko Shirogane
SizesT.156 B.84(D) W.58 H.85
Charm PointBig Eyes
Blood Type
Self TrendGaming
Special SkillsA nice blowjob
Available Options
Special Booking
Self PRNice to meet you! My name is Ako Shirogane. Although I'm a bit shy and may look somewhat nervous when meeting someone for the first time, I always do my best to heal and please my clients in the best most passionate and erotic way! I'm so glad you stop by to take a look at my profile. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon :)
Manager CommentAko is one of the latest beautiful looking girls joining our shop! Ako's great and why not say it, pure personality always creates a very nice first-time impression. She has big round eyes, shiny hair, and moderately-shaped breasts that I can not help but touch! Great appearance is one of this therapist's best selling points. She is always a Perfect Match! A great smile is always on her face overflowing with positive vibes! You will be immediately healed as Ako will get rid of your tiredness in no time! Definitely a recommended girl for anyone looking for a one time lover! Ako will make you feel rejuvenated with an erotic oil massage that will heal your body and soul. Highly recommended! Please book her now and you will not regret it!
- Schedule -
1/26 (SUN)
1/27 (MON)
1/28 (TUE)
1/29 (WED)
1/30 (THU)
1/31 (FRI)
2/1 (SAT)