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No.41 Botan Izumi

Girls NumberNo.41
NameBotan Izumi
SizesT157 B92(G) W58 H87
Charm PointMy butt-cheeks!
Blood TypeA
HobbyTaking pictures
Self TrendBicycling
Special SkillsBlowjob
Available OptionsMassages / Mixed Bathing Royal Lotion / Ear Picking / Costume Playing
Special BookingNot Required
Self PRHello, my name is Botan Izumi... nice meeting you! Although fairly new to the shop, I'm eager to please my clients in the best, most erotic way... Caressing you with my soft, white-powder breasts will relax you in ways you can't imagine... Want to give it a try? Let's have a fun but erotic session you'll never forget! Book me now! I'm looking forward to see you soon!
Manager CommentBotan is one of the latest girls joining our shop. Big, beautiful round breasts with a great curvy body makes her look like a top-model. Still fairly young at 22, she has an elegant stance... she arouses! You need to play with her breasts at least once to understand :) She will then use those heavenly hands to provide you with an erotic aroma massage that will bring you to your knees... she is that good! She will finish you off by using those thick, fresh lips that will bring you to heaven! Extremely recommended!
- Schedule -
12/13 (FRI)
12/14 (SAT)
12/15 (SUN)
12/16 (MON)
12/17 (TUE)
12/18 (WED)
12/19 (THU)