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No.2 Erena Sasamiya

Girls NumberNo.2
NameErena Sasamiya
SizesT168 B105(I) W58 H90
Charm PointBig Breasts
Blood TypeO
HobbyManga and animation
Self TrendSputatoon
Special SkillsRussian (Massage)
Available OptionsMassages / Mix Bath Royal Lotion / Ear Picking / Costume Play
Special Booking
Self PRNice to meet you. I will try hard so that I can heal everyone. I am still happy that men's esthetics are beginners so I am unfamiliar, but I am happy to tell you a lot. After that, it is on AV, so please watch it if you like it ♡ I will do a lot of pleasant things with my earrings boobs ♡ I'm looking forward to seeing you.
Manager CommentJapanese Famous Pornstar 【Special Price】 90min 58,000 120min 70,000 180min 84,000 It is an adult atmosphere that eyebrow is clear, "Bamboo Palace Erena" is. Glamorous body away from the Japanese!! 105cm [I] cup of breasts heavily paid!! The best hip line to the firm waist!! Tall, big breasts, big butt, I admire the body. The gentle character which understands only by a little talking is a very good impression. An atmosphere full of honest character and cleanliness. A man who is a gentle character to a glamorous body becomes a prisoner. Please enjoy her dynamite body fully!!
- Schedule -
11/20 (TUE)
11/21 (WED)
11/22 (THU)
11/23 (FRI)
11/24 (SAT)
11/25 (SUN)
11/26 (MON)