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No.26 Kanon Horiuti

Girls NumberNo.26
NameKanon Horiuti
SizesT157 B88(E) W57 H91
Charm PointSmile · Soft skin, Soft ass
Blood TypeB
Self TrendYOU TUBE
Special SkillsMassage/CBJ
Available OptionsBBBJ/Massages / Mix Bath Royal Lotion / Ear Picking / Costume Play
Special BookingNot Required
Self PRNice to meet you, you might think that it is "lying" to a man who saw this for the first time, but, in fact, I love talking and enjoying it. By all means, it's a shy store ,,, But if you make me appoint yourself so much, I also like to do nothing so hard that I do not struggle hard, because I like to massage men as well, I will do my best ♪ Such a feeling, I am sorry but thank you
Manager CommentKanon's introduction! Like Kanon herself said, she is a shy store (lol) If there are some men who likes Ikaike's erotic therapist, there are also men who like weak females, like Kanon, who want to protect somewhere, ♪ But please be relieved. Kanon, once you switch on it is quite H girlfriend. Also, memorization is quite quick, and a massage course is also cleared by one! With this ability and appearance you should explode the desire of the lower body of everyone from now on ☆
- Schedule -
1/16 (WED)
1/17 (THU)
1/18 (FRI)
1/19 (SAT)
1/20 (SUN)
1/21 (MON)
1/22 (TUE)