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No.81 Mana Kizaki

Girls NumberNo.81
NameMana Kizaki
SizesT146 B88(D) W57 H85
Charm PointGood smile
Blood TypeO
HobbyPlaying the piano
Self TrendSurfing (the web!)
Special SkillsPlaying the Piano
Available OptionsMassages / Mix-bathing Royal Lotion / Ear Picking / Costume Playing
Special BookingNot Required
Self PRHello!! I'm Mana. Although new at the shop, I'm trying hard to become better every day... I believe plenty of brightness and always a good smile are key!! Looking so forward to see you soon, so book me now!! Thank you!!
Manager CommentMana is such a lovely looking girl; great looks, best smile ever.... Although a bit shy, she is always, however eager to show that sensual side of her. You'll be surprised of what she has waiting for you... Book Mana and discover her today!
- Schedule -
7/19 (FRI)
7/20 (SAT)
7/21 (SUN)
7/22 (MON)
7/23 (TUE)
7/24 (WED)
7/25 (THU)