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No.84 Mashiro Yagami

Girls NumberNo.84
NameMashiro Yagami
SizesT153 B84(C) W56 H85
Charm PointLips
Blood Typeo
Self TrendBatting
Special Skills
Available OptionsMassages / Mix Bath Royal Lotion / Ear Picking / Costume Play
Special BookingNot Required
Self PRNice to meet you! This is my first time to work, so I am very nervous. I will try my best to be happy to be with you. I'm looking forward to seeing you!
Manager CommentInnocence Full throttle!! Cute fluffy beautiful girl [Mashiro Yagami] is. It is a super kava beautiful girl that I want to hug and protect tightly. Petite and charming enough!! Looks ◎ Slender body Slim! Friendly bright personality, From the moment you meet, you will feel the soft and cozy feeling of a lover. The massage is still studying, The massage of using a small body hard is a daily tiredness of everyone It will be healed surely ☆ Please make an early reservation!
- Schedule -
10/22 (MON)
10/23 (TUE)
10/24 (WED)
10/25 (THU)
10/26 (FRI)
10/27 (SAT)
10/28 (SUN)