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No.53 Michiru Saionji

Girls NumberNo.53
NameMichiru Saionji
SizesT.153 B.88(E) W.58 H.83
Charm PointBig eyes
Blood TypeAB
Self TrendSleeping
Special SkillsLove massage/BBBJ
Available OptionsBBBJ/Massages / Mix Bath Royal Lotion / Ear Picking / Costume Play
Special BookingNot Required
Self PRHi. Im Saionji Michiru . I am a rookie just entered the shop , but I want to work hard to get to happy to everyone to study the future a lot . Massage technique still might be immature I will serve to very hard . And when you feel good , I am very happy . I hope to see you !
Manager CommentSmooth and firm beautiful skin, white and shiny soft skin. You will be contently healed by just touching. And Face structure like a model. Big eyes that's about to suck you in. As the smile heals you, it also keeps your heart beat faster. High bridged nose. Healing voice from her petite mouth. Moreover Rejuvenation massage given while in close contact with slender smooth curve and beautiful breast Rich lip and healing service, it’s likely you will repeat next time. Please fully enjoy the time to relax in between busy work schedule. You would absolutely feel like “I am glad I choose this girl”
- Schedule -
10/22 (MON)
10/23 (TUE)
10/24 (WED)
10/25 (THU)
10/26 (FRI)
10/27 (SAT)
10/28 (SUN)