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No.31 Misa Tachibana

Girls NumberNo.31
NameMisa Tachibana
SizesT166 B88(E) W56 H87
Charm PointDouble eyes and a butt
Blood TypeA
Self TrendCooking
Special SkillsPiano
Available OptionsMassages / Mix-bathing Royal Lotion / Ear Picking / Costume Playing
Special BookingNot Required
Self PRVery nice to meet you, I'm Misa. I will take care of you with a great smile and the best erotic massage. Chose me and I'll do my best for you! See you soon!
Manager CommentMisa is such a beautiful A-plus looking woman! Great manners, sexy body... She looks like a model with perfect looking, beautiful skin. You'll fall for her mysterious looking eyes! Misa has a very cute stylish type of face. Being a very active type of person, Misa loves all sports. She has a very relaxed type of personality. A very sensitive type with very strong erotic massage skills. Highly recommended. Book her now! And... She has a cute and beautiful face ♪ She loves sports ❤ and she is an active person. Her personality is very relaxing. Careful consideration ♪ Even better sensitivity ♪ Sexy erotic massage is so good! And that generous spirit of service I'm sure she'll get hooked on you! There is no mistake in special A class. I recommend you to make a reservation as soon as you see her!
- Schedule -
1/25 (SAT) 14:00 ~ 26:00
1/26 (SUN) 14:00 ~ 26:00
1/27 (MON) 16:00 ~ 27:00
1/28 (TUE) 16:00 ~ 29:30
1/29 (WED) 16:00 ~ 29:30
1/30 (THU) 16:00 ~ 29:33
1/31 (FRI) 16:00 ~ 29:30