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No.24 Reina Sakurai

Girls NumberNo.24
NameReina Sakurai
SizesT.152 B.96(H) W.58H.85
Charm PointBig tits
Blood TypeA
HobbyWatching movies
Self TrendCooking
Special SkillsBlowjob
Available OptionsMassages / Mixed-bathing Royal Lotion / Ear Picking / Costume Playing
Special BookingNot Required
Self PRNice to meet you, I'm Reina. I'm not experience giving massage, however will do my best to make you feel great! See you soon!
Manager CommentReina is a real beauty! She has a personal aura that makes her look like snowy crystals. Indeed a pretty, baby-faced therapist with some great breasts! Sophisticated at heart, will soon make you feel at ease. Her peaceful character with a very sensual aura will wrap you before you even know it. Reina is gentle to the touch, thoughtful on her inner side, has a great smile that will take you out of this world! Highly recommend her!
- Schedule -
4/24 (WED)
4/25 (THU)
4/26 (FRI)
4/27 (SAT)
4/28 (SUN)
4/29 (MON)
4/30 (TUE)