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No.55 Risa Ono

Girls NumberNo.55
NameRisa Ono
SizesT165 B91(F) W58 H84
Charm Pointmole
Blood TypeO
Self TrendCooking♬
Special SkillsCBJ (Covered Blow Job)
Available OptionsMassages / Mix Bath Royal Lotion / Ear Picking / Costume Play
Special Booking
Self PRNice to meet you. I have been from Kyoto. I will not go to the old days (laugh), to stand men, to do for men, I want you to feel using my body so that men can feel comfortable ♪ I also like blowjob, so please, ♡ Please feel a lot more comfortable ☆ Massage will do its best, so please request more and more ♡ Study hard and try hard so that both H and massage will be satisfied ♡
Manager CommentKyoto beautiful woman from Kyoto entered. Punipuni big tits with carefully tight F cup that stretched out slack ♡ And, personality is the most erotic character oriented personality is good! ! It is genuine, to say profane skill as well as saying blowjob from myself. Without being in Tokyo, it is because of our shop that we can enjoy the dense erotic time with Kyoko Beauty after the finest massage! If you can enjoy this big boobs, masts spend their time in a mixed-bath lotion bath from the 120 minutes course while they are becoming torroto ,,, It's a dream's time! And at the end, if you ascended by Risa's blowjob, I get rid of my daily fatigue and stress! ! Now, please have a dream time with Risa Ono.
- Schedule -
11/20 (TUE)
11/21 (WED)
11/22 (THU)
11/23 (FRI)
11/24 (SAT)
11/25 (SUN)
11/26 (MON)