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No.73 Sumire Ichijo

Girls NumberNo.73
NameSumire Ichijo
SizesT167 B103(H) W59 H86
Charm PointLicensed Estetian
Blood TypeAB
HobbyReading, Cooking, Dance
Self TrendMeditation, Fruit, Dance
Special SkillsBreast Massage
Available OptionsMassages / Mix Bath Royal Lotion / Ear Picking
Special BookingNot Required
Self PRPlease tell me your favorite kind of massage.
Manager CommentLaden H-size cups with sexy body line♪ A scent of an mature woman. Numerous procedures of an incumbent esthetician fed from Quiet demeanor... superb Este skills and Omotenashi hospitality of H-cups...♪ "She really is good ..." You will heartily feel so. We truly recommend her. Her availability is extremely rare, please book her when you see her available.
- Schedule -
10/22 (MON)
10/23 (TUE)
10/24 (WED)
10/25 (THU)
10/26 (FRI)
10/27 (SAT)
10/28 (SUN)