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No.13 Mikoto Natsukawa

Girls NumberNo.13
NameMikoto Natsukawa
SizesT165 B92(F) W56 H83
Charm PointMy mouth, hands and... buttocks!
Blood TypeO
HobbyReading and Karaoke singing!
Self TrendErotic massage
Special SkillsA sensual thigh massage
Available OptionsMassages / Mix Bathing Royal Lotion / Ear Picking / Costume Playing
Special Booking
Self PRHi! Nice meeting you. Thanks for stopping by and reading my profile! My name is Mikoto. Although new to the Shop and still kinda nervous about meeting new clients, I love giving (and receiving!) erotic massages... particularly the very close fully-naked contact style :) Do you want to try me? Book me now... I'm looking forward to meet you!
Manager CommentMikoto is a newcomer to the Shop. A very beautiful looking girl, still inexperienced, however very much into giving/receiving erotic massages. You'll be very pleased meeting her, a very nice girl to talk to, passionate at soul but very very sensual once she gets going She is only available a few days per month so we recommend booking her as soon as you get a chance... you won't regret it! Highly recommended!!!
- Schedule -
1/25 (SAT)
1/26 (SUN)
1/27 (MON)
1/28 (TUE)
1/29 (WED)
1/30 (THU)
1/31 (FRI)