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No.51 Tsubasa Kobayashi

Girls NumberNo.51
NameTsubasa Kobayashi
Charm PointHer eyes
Blood TypeO
HobbyWatching movies
Self TrendWalking my dog!
Special SkillsLove massage
Available OptionsMassages / Mixed-bathing Royal Lotion / Ear Picking / Costume Playing
Special Booking
Self PRNice to meet you, I am Tsubasa. I will do my best to keep everyone's body and mind alive! Thank you!
Manager CommentHer distinctive eyes are captivating! The firmness of her young and beautiful white skin tone is so special! Her beautiful smile will keep your eyes glued to her! Time will fly by while talking to her. Once she turns into her slutty-erotic mode, a smooth cat bath going further and further you entire body will boil up! You will feel electricity going through your entire body specially around the groin area until she brings you to a complete ecstasy! Tsubasa is an extremely erotic girl... HIGHLY recommended.
- Schedule -
1/25 (SAT)
1/26 (SUN)
1/27 (MON)
1/28 (TUE)
1/29 (WED)
1/30 (THU)
1/31 (FRI)