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No.71 Yuzu Tagawa

Girls NumberNo.71
NameYuzu Tagawa
Charm PointErotic aroma massage
Blood TypeO
HobbyPlaying card games
Self TrendPartying!
Special SkillsPassionate blowjob
Available Options
Special Booking
Self PRHello, I'm Yuzu Tagawa but you everyone calls me Yuzu! Although I'm still fairly new to the shop, I'm trying my best to become better everyday. I'm a very passionate type of girls who loves satisfying my clients... I can be as innocent as you want or as sexy as your wildest dreams... just try me! Looking forward to see you soon!
Manager CommentYuzu is one of the latest arrivals to our team! Great looks with a very sexy figure, Yuzu will sure please any type of members! We heard she is great at fellatio without limits! Please book her with confidence!
- Schedule -
3/25 (MON)
3/26 (TUE)
3/27 (WED)
3/28 (THU)
3/29 (FRI)
3/30 (SAT)
3/31 (SUN) 17:00 ~ 24:00