Escort service in Tokyo Japan!! Highest quality Japanese erotic massage in Tokyo for foreigners!!

Tokyo Escort Massage Erotic Pubis Rejuvenation Sexual Massage!! Our massage includes lymphatic massage and so on.


ー About Servise ー

Can I have sex with therapist?

No. We operate our business with a strict compliance policy.
Having sex with our therapist is strictly prohibited. If there is harassment to our therapists, we will report it to the police. Please be aware.

The Japanese girls speak English?

Yes. All of our therapists are able to talk English in daily conversation level.

How about the quality of the massage, is it very good?

Our therapists learned the technique of massage from professional therapists and passed the exams of massage.
They are all ready to give high quality erotic massage.

What is Japanese-style erotic massage?

It indicates the massage with particular technique that give intensive massage to your groin.

How many times can I cum during the session?

It is limitless during the massage session.

Can I really see the girl of my choice?

Yes. Customers can see the girl of their choices no mistakes.

I don’t want my room to get dirty. What kind of care are you offering?

Our therapists visit customer’s place with towels. There is no chanceyou’re your room to get dirty.

Can I date with her outside?

Yes. However, only more than 6 hours session offers dating service.

ー About Payment ー

Can I pay with credit cards?

First-time customers are not possible to use credit cards, but from your second visit, we accept the payment with credit cards.

How much is the charge for the credit card?

It is 13%.

Can I pay with US dollars or other foreign currencies?

Payment with US dollar, Euro, Pound, Australian dollar and other currencies are acceptable.
Please ask more information at our front desk.

Can I take receipt?

Yes. Please mention your need of receipt in advance when you take a reservation.

Do the staffs speak English? Can I take my reservation in English?

Yes. All of our staff members speak English. We take reservations and questions from customers in English and Japanese.

Can I use Tokyo Escort Massage as an entertainment for my business partner?

Yes. Please tell us what type of girl you are looking for for your business partner.
Please think about taking a reservation in order to reserve your favorite girls.

ー About Place ー

Can you come to my place right now?

It depends on the location of your hotel or place. We can arrive in 30 minutes only in Tokyo city center area.

Can you come to my house for the session?

Yes. Absolutely. And transportation fee is NOT necessary.