No 16 | Hinata Nanase

ABOUT Hinata Nanase

Girl Number: 16
Message: Hi! Nice to meet you, I’m Hinata Nanase. Although I’m still learning the art of erotic massage, I'll always try my best for you. I love flirting and getting close together ♪ I also love to talk so will be interested in anything you'd like to talk about! I'm looking forward to seeing you soon, thanks!
Age: 23
Height & Measurements: 154, B85 W54 H83, Cup D
Character Type:
Hobby: Listening to music
Favorite Food: Fruits
Charm Point: Smile and smooth skin
Self Trend: Walking
English Level: level of daily English conversation

Manager's Comments

Hinata is fashionable and beautiful like a hairdresser ☆ She is a real beauty! Great style, good looks but most of all, erotic!!! She is still learning the art of massage, however being a good learner no doubt she will take good care of you! Hinata’s biggest selling point is her great erotic service!!! A well mannered girl, she always provides the greatest erotic atmosphere!!! She is a definitely a one of a kind therapist!!! Her personal appearance is very unlikely found in this industry; she will intrigue you. A nude Hinata is always a pleasure to be seen!!!

Date From To
Sat, 08 Aug  19:00   05:30 
Sun, 09 Aug  19:00   05:30 
Mon, 10 Aug  19:00   05:30 
Tue, 11 Aug  19:00   05:30 
Wed, 12 Aug  19:00   05:30 
Thu, 13 Aug  19:00   05:30 
Fri, 14 Aug  19:00   05:30 
Sat, 15 Aug  19:00   05:30 
Sun, 16 Aug  19:00   05:30 


Hinata's Blog

- Hello I’m going to work today for the first time in a long time★ What kind of brother can I see? I’m looking forward to it. The bon holiday is over. A body tired of the heat Let me heal. Hinata Favorite 0


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