No 06 | Hitomi Akatuki

ABOUT Hitomi Akatuki

Girl Number: 6
Message: Hello, I'm Akatsu Hitomi. As a newcomer, I'm still not too confident about my massage skills, however trying to improve every day to make you feel great! I'll make sure we have a great time together and will do my very best to get you coming back! Thank you!
Age: 27
Height & Measurements: 150, B82 W58 H86, Cup C
Character Type: Cheerful
Hobby: Reading Book
Favorite Food: Tomato and cheese
Charm Point: Smile
Self Trend: Café hopping and occasional bars
English Level: level of daily English conversation

Manager's Comments

In one word, Hitomi’s best skill is fellatio! An H-type therapist with great (although fairly new) massage skills. She has this aura that makes you want to keep holding her! Be healed with a great massage ending in a raw fellatio! Please come as many times as you wish with Hitomi’s thick blowjobs! We are sure you will keep coming back to her!

Date From To
Thu, 21 Sep  Not available   Not available 
Fri, 22 Sep  Not available   Not available 
Sat, 23 Sep  Not available   Not available 
Sun, 24 Sep  Not available   Not available 
Mon, 25 Sep  Not available   Not available 
Tue, 26 Sep  Not available   Not available 
Wed, 27 Sep  Not available   Not available 
Thu, 28 Sep  Not available   Not available 
Fri, 29 Sep  Not available   Not available 


Hitomi's Blog

Thank you from Hitomi - DEAR mr.h Thank you very much today. you who are a gentleman at a wonderful hotel: I was glad to be pleased with my massage twice. Please try work hard. hitomi Favorite 0
Thank you from Hitomi. - To you whom I met in Akihabara and worked as♡ Thank you today. Was my massage satisfied? In addition, I want to meet when I was able to come to Japan. See you. hitomi Favorite 0


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