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Girl Number: 13
Message: Hi! Nice meeting you. Thanks for stopping by and reading my profile! My name is Mikoto. Although new to the Shop and still kinda nervous about meeting new clients, I love giving (and receiving!) erotic massages... particularly the very close fully-naked contact style :) Do you want to try me? Book me now... I'm looking forward to meet you!
Age: 22
Height & Measurements: 165, B.92 W.56 H.83
Character Type: Cheerful, Erotic, Friendly, Neatness, Positive
Hobby: Reading and Karaoke singing!
Favorite Food: Carbonara, sweet.
Charm Point: My mouth, hands and... buttocks!
Self Trend: Erotic massage
English Level: Intermediate

Manager's Comments

Mikoto is a newcomer to the Shop. A very beautiful looking girl, still inexperienced, however very much into giving/receiving erotic massages. You’ll be very pleased meeting her, a very nice girl to talk to, passionate at soul but very very sensual once she gets going She is only available a few days per month so we recommend booking her as soon as you get a chance… you won’t regret it! Highly recommended!!!

Date From To
Thu, 09 Apr  14:00   05:30 
Fri, 10 Apr  14:00   05:30 
Sat, 11 Apr  14:00   05:30 
Sun, 12 Apr  14:00   05:30 
Mon, 13 Apr  14:00   05:30 
Tue, 14 Apr  14:00   05:30 
Wed, 15 Apr  14:00   05:30 
Thu, 16 Apr  14:00   05:30 
Fri, 17 Apr  14:00   05:30 


Mikoto's Blog

Today’s Special 💠 - We look forward to hearing from you for three days from today 🌟 Please let me massage the body of tiredness well ❤️ Mikoto Favorite 0
My abs are sore muscles - My abs are sore muscles 😊 My body aches because I was forced to exercise. I have muscular pain, but I like the feeling of exhilaration after it finishes. The next morning, when I was training my muscles, I felt pain. I don’t get up from bed for a while. Like insects, they are dressed … Continue reading My abs are sore muscles
🐱Mikoto🐱 - Recently, my feet have become slightly thinner. Did I do a special foot exercise? I asked myself. I remembered. I bought shoes that my feet didn’t hurt. It is a bit expensive, but it is comfortable and cute. It was not the color I wanted to buy. But I am very happy with this effect. … Continue reading 🐱Mikoto🐱
I want to have fun with you. - It’s been a while since you 💕 I wear cute shorts today. It’s always a favorite today 💕 The massage from the visitor was too pleasant yesterday. Thank you for your compliment. Glad ☺️ Mikoto Natsukawa Favorite 0
No.13 Mikoto Natsukawa - Today I am wearing the same underwear with HP photographs ✨ There is a presence of underwear than boobs haha I tried purchasing a very high fruit today I’m looking forward to how sweet it is. and I am looking forward to kissing you. Favorite 0
Long time no see Mikoto - I had a good night ✨ Body maintenance to deliver healing massage I don’t want to. We look forward to hearing from you today (๑ ̑ ◡ ̑ ๑) Let’s flirting 💕 Favorite 0
Hello (* ´-‘)from.mikoto - It’s in October, ✨. It’s not too hot and not too cold, so it’s easier to spend (* ´ ω) The product of the sweet potato has increased, and I have bought the Anno potato Whip of the lunch pack today 👧 I love it because it is bloat and sweet in a little 😘 … Continue reading Hello (* ´-‘)from.mikoto


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