No 03| Minatsu Shiina

ABOUT Minatsu Shiina

Girl Number: 3
Message: Nice to meet you! I'm Minatsu. Since I'm quite new in the business, I don't mind being lead. I'm still studying massage, and will always do my best to make you feel good. I'm based in Kyoto, therefore have very few opportunities to meet. I hope we can spend time together. Thank you.
Age: 25
Height & Measurements: 157, B.95 W.57 H.88, CUP G
Character Type: Cheerful, Friendly, Neatness
Hobby: Anime
Favorite Food: Cheese and fruit
Charm Point: G-cup boobs!
Self Trend: Drinking Coffee
English Level: level of daily English conversation

Manager's Comments

Minatsu’s charming character, combined with her great looks (G-cups!) is always a pleasure to spend time with her! You will not have many chances to book her… Choose her and you won’t regret it!

Date From To
Thu, 21 Sep  Not available   Not available 
Fri, 22 Sep  Not available   Not available 
Sat, 23 Sep  Not available   Not available 
Sun, 24 Sep  Not available   Not available 
Mon, 25 Sep  Not available   Not available 
Tue, 26 Sep  Not available   Not available 
Wed, 27 Sep  Not available   Not available 
Thu, 28 Sep  Not available   Not available 
Fri, 29 Sep  Not available   Not available 


Minatsu's Blog

Hello - Hello ❣️ Long time 🎶 I was supposed to go to Tokyo last week. However, I was sick and did not go to Tokyo. I’ll write it in my diary when I decide 💕 I’m going to Tokyo in the end or next month. 😊 Minatsu Favorite 0
It is May. - Hello 🎶 The second half of Golden Week It is very nice weather, it’s hot. I am going to work from today to the 9th ❣️ Customers who have not decided the remaining holiday schedule. People who get bored with work regardless of consecutive holidays. You who wanted to meet last month We look forward … Continue reading It is May.
Good Evening 🌟 - Good Evening 🌟 My name is Minatsu (๑ ° ꒵ ° ๑) Thank you very much for your invitation from Monday to Sunday ❣️❣️ I was glad to meet you after a long time 💗 There are a lot of people who love anime. I want to talk to you again if I can meet … Continue reading Good Evening 🌟
hello♡ - Hello. Thank you for praising the massage yesterday! Your kindness made me happy💕 I am waiting for the reservation of those who are seeking healing. minatsu Favorite 0


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