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Girl Number: 23
Message: Hi! How are you doing? My name is Nana Arakaki ♪ Thank you for stopping by and reading my profile. I'm still quite inexperienced, but would love to come and meet you for a passionate, sensual time together! Although fairly shy, I can be as naughty as you want me to be... just ask! I'm waiting for you! See ya soon!
Age: 21
Height & Measurements: 150, B.88 W.58 H.84, Cup F
Character Type: Cheerful, Neatness
Hobby: Listening to music, specially piano
Favorite Food: Cream pasta with cheese
Charm Point: My cute face :)
Self Trend: Receiving flowers
English Level: level of daily English conversation

Manager's Comments

Nana is an extremely beautiful, classy, elegant, sophisticated, but also a natural charmer. At 21, she is still shy however, unlike anything you may think, you can bring your wildest dreams to explore together! She will please you in ways you never imagined… highly recommended!!!

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Nana's Blog

a small trip from No.23 Nana - I went to Kamakura the other day, and I was surprised that there were so many people! The approach to Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu Shrine is just people!! It was like that. I had an image that Kamakura was like eating and walking, so I went around to eat dango and tapioca (^ ^) and after that … Continue reading a small trip from No.23 Nana
We look forward to seeing you - I have been working since half past 15, and the topic of heavy rain is terrible recently😢 Kyushu region is in a serious situation now, and i am worried because a friend is in Kyushu😢 but it seems to be the rainy season at last, and I think that I caught up with the season. … Continue reading We look forward to seeing you
In the Rain - I went to work! I am going to work at five today. 🐰 It’s raining today. I have been fond of music for a long time. How much I like it, I can not live without music ♪ Whenever I go out, I listen to music that matches the mood of the day. I want … Continue reading In the Rain
I want to see you. - It is a little chilly temperature today. I came out of the house while I was worrying about my clothes. I was scheduled to come to the office at 14:00 today, but the schedule has changed. I went to the office at 15:30. And the customer who made the reservation immediately! Thank you very much! … Continue reading I want to see you.
I love snowboarding from Nana. - It’s cold today, is not it? ( ‘· · `) But I do not like to be cold ♡ Actually, I love snowboarding so today, I want to go to the slopes when snowed down . Favorite 1


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