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Girl Number: 17
Message: Nice to meet you. Thank you for viewing your profile. I still get nervous a lot, but I'm happy if I can spend time with them comfortably. I will do my best to make you feel a lot better.
Age: 24
Height & Measurements: 155, B.82 W.57 H.83, Cup C
Character Type: Cheerful, Erotic, Friendly
Hobby: Karaoke singing
Favorite Food: Steak
Charm Point: Hips, Smile
Self Trend: Half-body bath
English Level: Intermediate

Manager's Comments

First of all, a word! It is the type that men love! Smiling is erotic! The smile is erotic. Because it is an important thing, I said it twice! I don’t think there are any men who don’t like women who have an erotic smile. Slender limbs, beautiful face. Even the gesture is erotic! She is calm, shy, and laughs a lot. I think she is an impeccable woman. She has a high level of massage techniques as well. Because she is an experienced person. She likes naughty things, but she is also ashamed. Come and enjoy a nice time with her.

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