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Girl Number: 18
Message: Nice to meet you! Eh! Thank you for reading my profile♡ I will do my best to be able to play with massage that is said to be pleasant to you! I want to be a person who can heal when you are tired♡
Age: 20
Height & Measurements: 156, B.85 W.57 H.82, Cup D
Character Type: Cheerful, Friendly
Hobby: I am good at handicrafts and massage
Favorite Food: Strawberries and peaches
Charm Point: her Cheeks, Her Eyes
Self Trend: Eating delicious foods, Walking
English Level: level of daily English conversation

Manager's Comments

Those who like esthetics! Those who like erotic! Those who like kiyoyoshi! Thank you for waiting!! Innocent smile is very cute A beautiful girl wearing an atmosphere where girlish innocence remains came down. Whitening skin with a sense of transparency, beautifully arranged face, To the waist that was crouched, beautiful milk of the shape to the splendid! The and the body with the tension are also quite erotic! ! Rich sexual feeling massage of in close contact with such a naughty body It is so exciting and pleasant. In addition, healing power is also not a hammer! ! In the atmosphere that seems to give the best healing in Kirekawa clean The pretty smile which falls from a beautiful face is impressive. She’s small and shy. I want to hug it without thinking with a smile when I watch it♪ I think that there is a place that is unfamiliar with the inexperienced for the person of the spring esthetic, It has been declared that I will do my best to make you happy even a little! When you want to be healed, when you feel like relaxing to leave yourself Please call me Ema-san.

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Mon, 25 Sep  Not available   Not available 
Tue, 26 Sep  Not available   Not available 
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Thu, 28 Sep  Not available   Not available 
Fri, 29 Sep  Not available   Not available 


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