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No.140 Kei Shinohara

Girls NumberNo.140
NameKei Shinohara
SizesT163 B.87(E) W.59 H.88
Charm Pointeye
Blood Type
Hobbydrink alcohol
Self TrendHand spinner
Special SkillsFellatio Blojob
S or MS&M
Available OptionsMassages / Mix Bath Royal Lotion / Ear Picking / Costume Play
Special Booking
Self PRI am afraid that I am unfamiliar, but I will try hard so that I can heal the person I met.
Manager CommentA beautiful woman from Tohoku Japan☆ Moreover, [Colorful natural natural big tits] Good skill has the best potential called blowjob. It is a new man who can recommend with confidence as our shop. Massage also received a lecture firmly! ! But this daughter 's selling is instinctive erotec. If you can ascend with a superb blowjob, you surely will be pleased with this girl.
- Schedule -
12/13 (WED)
12/14 (THU)
12/15 (FRI)
12/16 (SAT)
12/17 (SUN)
12/18 (MON)
12/19 (TUE)