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Tokyo Escort Massage

We offer the best Sensual Massage and Body Rubs experience in Tokyo. A Top-Class Japanese Therapist will give you the very best fully-naked body on body erotic aroma therapy massage. Service includes a lymphatic massage, testicles and groin rub, full service blowjob… and more.

Enjoy the most arousing and erotic bathtub experience with one of our Japanese Girls… They are waiting for you!

And remember, your satisfaction is always guaranteed!

Tokyo Escort Massage

Monthly Ranking: Top 5

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Tokyo Escort Massage


Your Pleasure Time will begin with a fully nude body on body “Nuru Massage”.

Your personal therapist will bathe in lotion to bring the most mindful and unforgettably sensual experience you ever had. You will be filled with sensual experiences found nowhere else.

At TEM, we provide our clients with Japanese hospitality at its best. Omotenashi brought to you by TEM’s best of class therapists…

What People Say


To be honest, they went beyond my expectation! Cute, big boobs and slim! I wished I’d had more time and changed to 120 mins course…

Tokyo Escort Massage

Price Guide

Fully Nude Course
  • Fully Nude
    Close Contact Body Wash
    Authentic Full Body Aroma Massage
    Breast Touching
    Breast Kissing
    Erogenous Nipple Licking
    Breast Body Massage
    Deep Blow Lip Finish
    Close Contact Body Wash
Micro Bikini Course
  • Micro Bikini
    Close Contact Body Wash
    Full Body Aroma Massage
    Breast Touching
    Erogenous Nipple Licking
    Hand Rejuvenating Finish
    Close Contact Body Wash
Dating a Dream Girl
  • How about a dream-date with your favorite Japanese Therapist?

    Have a fancy dinner date, go for a stroll or just watch a movie together!

    Plan your special date and enjoy a wonderful moment with your favorite Therapist now!

Tokyo Escort Massage

Optional Services

We accept credit card payments for Second-Time Customers.
We accept Visa, Master Card and American Express via Star Payment Credit Card Processing Service.
Tel : 03-4334-3663

We also accept UnionPay, Alipay and WeChat Pay.
※ We accept payment in US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, Hong Kong Dollars, and Australian Dollars.
For any other currencies, please ask our staff.

※ A separate 5,000円 transportation applies to all courses within Tokyo’s 24 wards.

Frequently Asked


About TEM Service

Can I have sex with a Therapist?

No. We operate our business following local regulations and under a strict compliance policy. Having sex with a Therapist is strictly prohibited. Any type of harassment to our Therapists will be immediately reported to the local authorities. Make sure to follow our services Rules and Regulations.

Do the Japanese Girls speak English?

Yes. All of our Therapists have daily conversation level of English.

What is a Japanese-Style Erotic Massage?

It is a special type of massage that focuses on a particular technique, which provides an intensive massage to the groin area.

How many times can I “finish” during a Session?

As many as you wish!

About Payment

Is Credit Card payment accepted?

Credit card payment is only available for second time Customers.

Are there any credit card fees?

A 13% credit card processing fee will be charged.

Can I pay with US Dollars or other foreign currencies?

We accept payment in US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, Hong Kong Dollars, and Australian Dollars.
For any other currencies, please ask our staff.

Are receipts provided?

Yes. Please request a receipt at the time of a reservation.

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Cherry blossom season Hi there, It’s been raining everyday and all the cherry blossoms will fall down. Noooo😢 On the other day I went to Shinjuku-Gyoen to see cherry blossoms. They were fully opened, weather was nice and warm. I felt so good 🥰 I’m working till 9pm tonight. Can’t wait to see you! Sumire … Continue reading No 132 | Sumire Aoi

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