About TEM Service

Can I have sex with a Therapist?

No. We operate our business following local regulations and under a strict compliance policy. Having sex with a Therapist is strictly prohibited. Any type of harassment to our Therapists will be immediately reported to the local authorities. Make sure to follow our services Rules and Regulations.

Do the Japanese Girls speak English?

Yes. All of our Therapists have daily conversation level of English.

How good is the quality of the provided Massage?

All of our Therapists are certified after having learned their massage techniques from professional masseuse. They are all skilled in providing the highest quality of Erotic Massage.

What is a Japanese-Style Erotic Massage?

It is a special type of massage that focuses on a particular technique, which provides an intensive massage to the groin area.

How many times can I “finish” during a Session?

As many as you wish!

Can I actually see the girl I’m choosing?

Of course. Customers can always see the girl of their choice.

I don’t want my room to get dirty. What kind of after-service care do you offer?

Our Therapists will always bring their own towel set. There is no need for our clients to use their own towels. You room will always remain as clean as it was before the Therapists visit.

Can I have a Date with a Therapist?

Yes. This Special Dating Service, however, is only available for more than 6 hours sessions. Please ask our staff for further information.

About Payment

Is Credit Card payment accepted?

Credit card payment is only available for second time Customers.

Are there any credit card fees?

A 13% credit card processing fee will be charged. Click here for details.

Can I pay with US Dollars or other foreign currencies?

We accept payment in US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, Hong Kong Dollars, and Australian Dollars.
For any other currencies, please ask our staff.

Are receipts provided?

Yes. Please ask for a receipt at the time of a reservation.

Do Tokyo Escort staff speak English? Can I make a reservation in English?

Yes. All our staff members speak English. We can take reservations and answer any questions you may have in both English and Japanese.

Can I entertain a business partner using Tokyo Escort Massage service?

Yes. Just tell us what type of girl you are looking for your business partner.

About Location

How long will a Therapist take to come to my place?

It depends on the location of your hotel or place. A Therapist can arrive in as little as 30 minutes within the Tokyo city center area.

Can a Therapist come to my house for a session?

Absolutely. Transportation fee is NOT required!



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