Hello 😊 by TEM Info

Please come to heal your daily fatigue 💕

I’m waiting for your invitation ❣️

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Hello,Getlman!Let’s spend a Romantic time together!💕Please call me now❤️ by TEM Info

Hello,Getlman!Let’s spend a Romantic time together!💕❤️Please call me now❤️Ai❤️

I work everyday start 17:00-midnight.
You can book me by calling shop.Every Tokyo area hotel abailiable.ask shop!

This shop has aroma esthetic massage and making a romance Dating cose4H.8H.Overnight abailiable too!💕(^-^)

I like and drink champagne ,wine,eatting meals.It’s my really hobby.I am happy.

My aroma estheic massage is pro really feels good,I can make you happy feeling and healing.

Let’s spend a romantic time together.Hope to see you again sool!


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Thank you!💕 by TEM Info

Thank you for spending time together last time!
I will try my best more.
Let’s spend a nice healing time together.My aroma massage is good.You can relax and heeling.
You can book me by calling at shop.Every Tokyo hotel abudaible.

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Good evening 🌟No 108| Madoka Tachibana by TEM Info

Dear Thai brother who played with me on July 2nd❤️
Thank you for playing with me for a long time the other day☺️Thanks to you being more used to it than me, I was able to prepare smoothly😂🤍My brother was very gentlemanly and had a lot of fun watching TV together💓I want to revenge next time, so please come and see me✨

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Good evening 🌟No 108| Madoka Tachibana by TEM Info

To my foreign brother who played with me on June 22nd❤️
Thank you for playing with me the other day‍♀️
I was very happy that you tried to tell me what you wanted to talk about!I really enjoyed spending time like a lover eating cake and talking while sleeping☺️I want to see you again soonThank you very much!

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♡ from No109 Minami by TEM Info

I saw a beautiful night view from my window and got this photo taken❤️.
My favorite ❤️!

And Minami, my muscles are sore again today because I enjoy hurting my body at the gym🤣.
I’m one step closer to my ideal body today ♡️.

I’m looking for someone to talk about health with ♡🤣.

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Good evening 🌟No 97 | Kurumi Asakura by TEM Info

Good evening 🌟
The weather is nice today so I went out!
So I usually have straight hair,
I changed my mood and rolled it loosely ☺️

It was a wonderful time💕
I was happy that it made me feel good☺️
I wish I could meet again🌟

Next time is 11/17 (Tue) 19: 30-23: 00 🐈
We are waiting for your invitation ♡


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I’m here to announce that I’m coming to work 💡. by TEM Info

I’m announcing next week’s workday!

Thursday 22nd 19:30-23:00
Friday 23rd 19:30~02:00

It would be great if you could make a reservation 😊

I’m thinking of buying new underwear…
What color do you think is best for me?

Please let me know 😳💡💡.

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