remember me sometimes yeah?/No.80 Tsubaki by TEM Info

I had a dream last night that a very nostalgic person came out🦄💭 I was tired, so I guess I had a strange dream. It’s hard to have a dream of my loved one coming up. However, I slept so much that I felt better. I hope you remember me too. I want to serve you a lot💋💕

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thank you again for yesterday💋/No.80 Tsubaki by TEM Info

I’m very happy that you called me having read my diaries and Hime-Channel🥰

I took 2 hours of dance lessons today. Therefore, I’m totally exhausted haha😇

I’ll keep training to increase stamina🎶 Changing the subject, I recieved a rare variety of potatoes called Inka no mezame, so I’m looking forward to cooking it🥔

I heard it’s very sweet💕 I’m going to sleep from now💋

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between you and me ♡/No.80 Tsubaki by TEM Info

Thank you for always choosing me to assist you with your relaxing time and for sharing your story opening up to me!

I’ll always be here for you💋 Besides, I basically absent for half a month, so I’m sorry I couldn’t adjust to a time convenient for you…

I look forward hearing from you again✨

By the way, I’m enjoying taking dance lessons every day during this holidays♪ Would you like to exercise hot and hook up together?💕

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Dear Mr.A from No.94 An by TEM Info

Thank you for making a reservation in advance.
I was moved by the wonderful space.
I was glad that you said it was beautiful.
Please stay with me again.

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🍅🍆🥑🥦🥒🥕🥔🍠 From No.80 Tsubaki by TEM Info

Hi, I have purchased a lot of vegetables at the greengrocers as usual It’s a must for me to always carry two reusable shopping bags when going thereha I prefer greengrocers since they have fresher produce than supermarkets I’m boosting my immune system and waiting for your reservation

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My love from No.80 Tsubaki by TEM Info

I went to the Tokyo metropolitan museum of art

There are a lot of courtesans drawn in Ukiyo-e. The beauty and fashion of the Edo period in those pictures were so attractive!

Besides, the old painting made me nostalgic. Katsushika Hokusai, the world’s most famous Ukiyo-e artist, began drawing the thirty-six views of Mt. Fuji after he was 70 years old!

These were works whose touches were exquisite and relieving to want to see many times.

A man who is mature after acquiring extensive experience and knowledge is wonderful.

It’s also cool to continue challenging with the aim of further improvement.

I’ll be happy if I could help such a person like you to relax and to be helped

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Good evening! from No.80/Tsubaki by TEM Info

Good evening I bought a Sony’s excellent noise-cancelling headphone today, so I’m saving some money for a while (but that’s the usual haha) The device has improved further than the previous model and is highly recommended! I like Sony better than Bose for my focus on the noise-cancelling feature. On another topic, I won a raffle to take the TOEIC exam. I’m very happy because its competitive ratio was 4.5 times~ I was surprised as it was my first time this year! I want to share my happiness with you

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Kimono♡from No94 /Iroha by TEM Info

Good evening, i’m Iroha.
Long time no see.
This week’s weather was horrible with a lot of rain.
While I was having a rest, I asked to wear Kimono for private reasons and went for a walk.
I chose chic black for kimono, and the young landlady of the inn was really laughing at my friends lol.
It looks like that? lol
But it’s nice that I can enjoy a trip to a hot spring while wearing Yukata.


(9/14.) I am going to work tomorrow. I will be waiting for your call💕

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Hime-Channel from No.80 Tsubaki by TEM Info

Thank you for your reservation today too It was fun to be able to massage you a lot It’s been a while since I had met a massage-centric customer By the way, there is something that I have toapologize to you for I’m sorry I provided the wrong information about Hime-Channel I realized only later that I had lied that one person can like the post up to 5 times per day every day The truth is that you can just like a post up to 5 times I’m happy you pressed the like button on mypage I’ll be grateful if you continue to look at my posts from now on


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Thank you!! from No.80 Tsubaki by TEM Info

Thank you for joining the event of the Hime-Channel I’m trying my best also in order to advertise our store I hope the Tokyo Escort Massage will be more bustling

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