♡Happy birthday& my new profile photo♡ by TEM Info

Happy birthday my dearest I was happy to be able to spend your precious day with you♪ The Gramercy New York’s cake was really good Moreover, It’s a pleasure to meet everyone again who had me many times.  I’m glad to know a new side of you every time I’ve been taken a photo shoot today for my new profile photo.  I wonder how it’ll turn out~📸


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♡my gratitude‪‪☺︎‬From No.80 Tsubaki by TEM Info

Hope you doing well Thank you for always giving me your loyal patronage and continued support I would also like to appreciate those who called me for the first time I was happy I got an online review yesterday as well I want to meet you soon and give you the orgasm accompanied by the lethal level sexual pleasure that is the concept of our storeaha I’m looking forward to serving you

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Dear Mr.I From No.95 An by TEM Info

오늘은 감사합니다‼︎
나이가 비슷하고 친근감을 느꼈습니다☺️
한국어 말하고 싶습니다🥺
또 많이 애정 행각 벌일까요💞

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From No.80 by TEM Info

Thank you for your continued patronage, and thank you for spending time with me on long courses and playfulness. Please call me again.

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Dear Mr.J from An No.95 by TEM Info

Dear Mr.J
Thank you for inviting me again\( ˆoˆ )/
I was looking forward to today!!
I was happy to be told that I was pretty✨
I love gentle J..😍
Let’s stay together again❣️

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No.80 Tsubaki Ichinose by TEM Info

Good evening,Dear
Thank you for everything!

Today, I went to a market-based grocery store.
I bought 2,600 yen a lot.
I’m a very happy .

I knew the freshest vegetables were the best!

Recently, I’ve finally gotten used to the shop.
There are many different massage techniques
I’m starting to see more of them.

I hope you will feel fresh again.
I will do my best to serve you.

I’d love to have you here!

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