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Hot from Ran Katori


Good morning

It’s very hot today, too.
The weather forecast said it was cloudy on the weekend, but it was nice weather!

I want to go to the sea
I want to do it like summer.

Alright today!
It’s a day off! I will go to work in daytime

We are looking forward to your inquiry

I have class 1 (‘∀ `)


This is Natsu!

Actually, I have a first class of Aroma qualification ~ ♪ ♪

I can not be seen smartly well ,,,
I can do it if I study properly (((o (* ゚ ▽ ゚) o))) ♡

There are many people who have interest in aromatherapily, so I’m still in doubt as to whether I will study a little bit again (* ‘Д `*) ♡
I’d like to bring an aroma that I use at home (‘∀ `) ✨
If you are interested please tell me ♡

Also, although it became late ,,,,! !
Thank you for word-of-Review (((o (* ゚ ▽ ゚ ゚)) o))) ♡
I will write diary again for thank you (о ‘∀ `о) ♡ Please waiting ♪

Today until 24 o ☆
Tomorrow is a day off ~ ♪

Thank you (* 나▿ * *) ✨

Good morning from Ai Maruyama


Is it too hot recently?
Drinking two liters of water continues to live.

Don’t you lose weight?
I thought… 

Thank you for your day today

Day time Discount!!


◎13:00~17:00 Day time Discount

  • 90min ¥36000      33000

  • 120min ¥42000      39000

  • 180min ¥54000      50000