Dear my valued customer by Chika Matsumoto

I’m not photogenic.
It’s better in person✨

Please be gentle❤️
I look forward to hearing from you.


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No.27❤️Chika by Chika Matsumoto

Dear customer,

Please be nice❤️
I look forward to hearing from you.

No.27 Chika

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Thank you by Admin

Thank you for the cute cupcake.


I’m not good at hot but I was glad that it was sunny for a long time today.

I’ve been very depressed by the rain lately.;;
Sunscreen is essential again this year😆

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Good evening by MariaMizuno

Good evening😚 ladies and gentlemen. I slept well after a long time and I am fine.
What do you do on your day off?
I’m often asked✨
I go to various places to eat delicious food. If it is delicious, it is the type to go even if it is a little far😍 lol

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From the staff by Admin

Today’s rookie, Aoi is very good. She has a bright personality, and her appearance is sexy and cute. I envy our customers. Please try to meet her by all means.

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We look forward to seeing you by Nana Aragaki

I have been working since half past 15, and the topic of heavy rain is terrible recently😢 Kyushu region is in a serious situation now, and i am worried because a friend is in Kyushu😢 but it seems to be the rainy season at last, and I think that I caught up with the season. I’m waiting for the last train today (^^) / I’m waiting for you.

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by Admin

Good morning☀
I’m fine today, too. We look forward to seeing you♡

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