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Thank you very much. ladies and gentlemen. from Riku Shiraki


Thank you again for today.🍀🌺🌸〜

How was the aroma massage and erotic massage?

I am happy if you can have fun.❤︎❤︎

Good morning from Riku Shiraki


Thank you also for 14th.

While always being a bit nervous … It will be a throbbing procedure,


I am massaging with a whole heart.

I will be in the shop next week, so please look forward to it.

Thank you♡ from Riku Shiraki


Happy to meet you!! ❤︎ Thank you from a distance Have a nice dream tonight ❤︎

【Tonight. Thank you again for today.Have you made today’s massage comfortable?I am happy if I can relax.Thank you who gave a souvenir. I will eat cherishly.

Please do not come out tomorrow, the day after tomorrow. I am sorry.

Please enjoy the love time when you can see again❤︎

Next time will be from next Tuesday ❤ ︎ I will also announce you!

Good work everyone. Good night. 】