How to Play

#1 Browse through TEM’s Therapists profiles on the homepage.

Check out this Month’s Most Popular Therapists, Today’s Therapists or All. The choice is yours!


#2 Once ready to make a reservation, call us or place an Online Reservation.

Please make sure to specify the session menu/course, arrival time, place (hotel name, address and room number or your home address) as well as the name of the Therapists of your choice. If you haven’t decided on a Therapist, we can recommend one from our top beauty Therapists. You can always make a reservation directly from within any of the Girls personal profile on the “Book Me” tab.


#3 Please wait while the Therapist arrives to your place.

She will arrive on time. After settling the payment, the Play-time will begin!

TEM Service Menu

TEM Prohibited Matters

  1. Sexual intercourse is prohibited
  2. No service to unclean persons
  3. Use of any type of drugs by Japanese laws is prohibited
  4. Asking out a Therapist is prohibited
  5. Secretly filming or recording is prohibited
  6. Any type of violent behavior is prohibited
  7. Any kind of action not allowed by the Therapists is prohibited
  8. Any act(s) in violation of the Japan Laws and Regulations are prohibited

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