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Good evening


It’s cold ✨❄️✨❄️, isn’t it?
I went to work earlier than my usual clock-in time today.
First of all, to the customer who loves tennis who was dealing with me.
Thank you💕 very much for choosing your favorite aroma oil, and I was glad to have a relaxing time🤗❣️ i was glad that you were warmed up and refreshed, and it was good that you 💕 to be healthy.
I’m at work until morning😘✨.



Are you tired 🍀?
I want to heal you a lot.

Good evening.


Thank you very much for yesterday❣️
I’m sorry to refuse you because I’m busy😢✨.
Today’s weather was forecast to snow, but I’m glad it didn’t snow.
😘💕 Relax so as not to catch a cold.

It’s been a long time✨ I’m going to work today♪


It’s been a long time✨ I’ll work hard again from today. I go to work for about two weeks.
Let me massage a lot. I heal a lot. Let’s do a lot of naughty things.

I’m happy in December♪


Hi, ^-^ my name is Mass.

It’s December from today!
I get excited when the day comes in December.
I♪ feel happy.

I wonder how I’ll spend it.
Just thinking makes it fun!
I have a pretty paranoid habit (laughs)

If you have time, even if it’s a short time
I’m glad you spend time with me.

From Misa (No.31)


Hello, I’m Misa ~ ~ (^ ^ *)

It’s the end of the month.
It’s already December!
Thank you for this month too ~ ☆

Take care of your fatigue this month.
Toward the busy end of the year
Please take care of yourself (• • •).

No.65 Himeko Sashihara Thank you for this wonderful night!♡


Good morning!!♡
I had a wonderful day with customers who came for the first time yesterday.

I will never forget that wonderful day…♡♡
I want to see you again!
I wish it could be a special day for you♡

Today, I will do my best from 21:30 to last!

I want to spend an unforgettable night with you…♡
If time is right, have a nice night with me!

l look forward to hearing from you♡♡

October is coming to an end, isn’t it?


How do you spend your holidays?
My recent boom is foot massage!

I often♪ stimulate the soles of my feet
Because there are a lot of points in Sole
It’s hard to remember.

But I want to heal you I ❤ do my best to study. I’m waiting for you.

No.82 Alice Okumura


I’m at work today.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Please Read❤️


Dear customers,

How have you been? I haven’t seen you for a long time! The weather has been awfully cold lately, but I do hope that you have been quite well.

I’m quitting sexual job at the end of November.
My work schedule is not written anywhere but If you reserve about one week in advance I can accept your reservation.

Let us(Tokyo escort massage) know if you decide to make a reservation.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Kisses and hugs

No.27 Chika