No 142 | Risa Tendo by TEM Info

Nice to meet you
It’s Tendo

I will be working from 9pm on Friday 5/3 (^^♪

I would be happy if we could flirt together 🐰

I’m waiting for you, gentleman 😍

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No 143 | Hazuki Asahina by TEM Info

Hi guys!!
I’m Hazuki, just joined TEM.

I’m a porn actress, some of you might see me in videos😚(though I use a different name)
I used to work in overseas so I speak English.

I’m more than happy to give you a nice massage and “service”✨
Looking forward to seeing you❤️

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No 133 | Maya Fujitani by TEM Info

I was so happy to be able to meet the guy I met for the first time again so soon 💖

I had a great time that makes me melt when I think about it later🤗

Thank you so much for everything 😭💗

After I feel better, I love spending time relaxing together in bed


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No 141 | Yuri Sengoku by TEM Info

Good morning ☀️

I’m Yuuri

I came to take a profile picture.

Look forward to the update︎^_^♡

I’ll go to work as soon as it’s finished!

We look forward to your invitationᐡ- ̫ -ᐡ

It’s stopped raining! ! !

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No 133 | Maya Fujitani by TEM Info

Thank you for calling me today in the rain 🍭

I highly recommend a massage on a rainy day as it will relieve swelling and make you feel better ☺️

It was a comfortable and luxurious time with skin-to-skin contact.

Thank you so much for being so kind to me and making me feel comfortable.

Please take a good rest today🐶


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No 125 | Mina Hiragi by TEM Info

Hello! It’s Mina💕

It’s been a while everyone ☺️✨
Today is my first time working in a while!

I would like to meet the customers I met before⭐️

Thank you again for your continued support 💕

🎀Today’s work information🎀

🎀Work information from tomorrow onwards🎀
14th (Thursday) 22:00-29:00
16th (Sat) 19:30-23:00
17th (Sun) 19:30-23:00

We are waiting for your reservation♪


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No 120 | Rio Higashida by TEM Info

I go to work from 14:00 to 24:00.
Let’s spend a pleasant and wonderful time together.♡♡
I look forward to your reservation.💓‪

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