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Thank you for today.


Thank you for today.
I enjoyed talking to you.

Perhaps, you go to island Enoshima tomorrow? right?😃

Next time I go to Taiwan, I will eat lots of food in Tainan.😍

Enjoy Japan.


Dear Mr. S,


Dear Mr. S,

How have you been? I hope you’re doing well.
By the way… Sorry, After I got back home, I realized that I left my Aroma diffuser in your room. Would you please keep it until next time?
I had a really good time yesterday. You are a lovely man with a warm heart. Thank you for your kindness. I’m looking forward to seeing you again.
Best wishes,

◆ Chika ◆

Thank you for a good time.


Thank you for a nice time.

I’m glad to meet you❤️

Have a good night.

Sakura Suzuki🌸

Thank you for today💖💖💖


Have a good night🌙

Thank you for reservation!


Hello, This is Reina No.24

Thank you who did the reservation 😭💖
I am looking forward to seeing you again later.

Next time i will be going to work from 12/7 (Friday) 20: 00 🎶🎶

I am waiting for your reservation ❣️

Thank you for the special time today.


आज विशेष समय के लिए धन्यवाद। एक अच्छी व्यापार यात्रा। चलो जापान में फिर से मिलें

Good evening, Reina 🌙


I felt very Attamac and happy when I soaked in the bath yesterday ☺ ️ ✨

The warmth of hot water and skin on a cold day is God, ✊ 🏼
I’m going to work until two o’clock today. We look forward to hearing from you ❣ ️

Have a good night🌙


Thank you for today💖💖💖

Have a good night🌙



Dear my valued customer,

What kind of women do you like?
I like guys like you❤️
I would like to get to know you better!
I’ll be waiting for your call.

No.27 Chika

Good evening, Reina 🐰 🌙


I’m at work until two o’clock today!

We look forward to hearing from you ❣ ️