An autumnal day for sports🍇♪/No.80 Tsubaki by TEM Info

I went to a driving range today. I was glad that my 5-wood had a carry of 150 yards🏌🏻‍♀️💕 I went to a dance lesson as well👯‍♀️♪ The pears in the supermarket look very delicious, so I’m hesitating whether I would buy them or not(「🍐・ω・)「🍐 That’s 300 yen each. Yet apples are getting cheaper these days. Actually, I’ll take it🍎( ‘-‘ 🍎 )haha

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thank you again for today💋/No.80 Tsubaki by TEM Info

Thank you a lot for having two 180-minute courses today💋 28th 3p.m.~20p.m. 30th 22p.m.~ As of right now, reservations are available within that span of time💕 Would you like to end your day with a little massage? I kindly awaite your reservation😘🌹

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It’s getting cold 🌰/No.80 Tsubaki by TEM Info

I’m happy that many people have called me for the first time this month✨ I’m also grateful to those who have made advance reservations at present💕 I’m at work during both day and night time, so please call me if you like it😘 Today, I bought a saury that I’m looking forward to grilling it~🐟💕

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Thank you for reservation /No.94 Iroha by TEM Info

Thank you for always making a reservation☺️
I took a picture because I am thinner than the one in the HP✨
I update Hime-channel’s picture every day, please check it♪

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do you like cosplay?👙🎶/No.80 Tsubaki by TEM Info

Thank you so much for today too💕 I’m glad the typhoon wasn’t anything serious! However, I was shocked because I accidentally bought zero-fat yogurt when I opened the refrigerator a while ago🥺hah This is a picture of me doing a modest cosplay of a cat🐈 Is there anyone here who likes cosplay?💕

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I want to meet you soon💋/No.80 Tsubaki by TEM Info

Thank you for having called me dozens of times since my debut💕
I want to take overnight golf package holidays like you~
Listening to your story made me want to eat sashimi likewise!
Besides, thank you for having me after seeing my diaries✨
Also, I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to match your schedule due to conflicting the other reservation.
I felt crying. Luck is really against me this month🥺
Lastly, thank you my beloved for making an advance reservation✨
I’ll meditate listening to the sound of my favorite rain and fall asleep for tomorrow💋

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remember me sometimes yeah?/No.80 Tsubaki by TEM Info

I had a dream last night that a very nostalgic person came out🦄💭 I was tired, so I guess I had a strange dream. It’s hard to have a dream of my loved one coming up. However, I slept so much that I felt better. I hope you remember me too. I want to serve you a lot💋💕

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thank you again for yesterday💋/No.80 Tsubaki by TEM Info

I’m very happy that you called me having read my diaries and Hime-Channel🥰

I took 2 hours of dance lessons today. Therefore, I’m totally exhausted haha😇

I’ll keep training to increase stamina🎶 Changing the subject, I recieved a rare variety of potatoes called Inka no mezame, so I’m looking forward to cooking it🥔

I heard it’s very sweet💕 I’m going to sleep from now💋

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between you and me ♡/No.80 Tsubaki by TEM Info

Thank you for always choosing me to assist you with your relaxing time and for sharing your story opening up to me!

I’ll always be here for you💋 Besides, I basically absent for half a month, so I’m sorry I couldn’t adjust to a time convenient for you…

I look forward hearing from you again✨

By the way, I’m enjoying taking dance lessons every day during this holidays♪ Would you like to exercise hot and hook up together?💕

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