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Grazie per il tempo meraviglioso./from Sakura No95


Grazie per il tempo meraviglioso. Godendo di Osaka e Kyoto.
Ti auguro buona fortuna. ☺️✨

No.20 Kisaki Aika


Good evening!
How are you guys (^-^)
It’s good weather today, ♡

I’ll be there until 10pm, so please come and play!


Good evening, Reina 🌙


I felt very Attamac and happy when I soaked in the bath yesterday ☺ ️ ✨

The warmth of hot water and skin on a cold day is God, ✊ 🏼
I’m going to work until two o’clock today. We look forward to hearing from you ❣ ️

Have a good night🌙


Thank you for today💖💖💖

Have a good night🌙



Thank you for praising
the massage yesterday!
Your kindness made me happy💕

I am waiting for the reservation of
those who are seeking healing.


No.24 Reina Sakurai


Good evening, Reina 💋
I’m going to work until 11pm today!

Let’s warm the body and the mind together because it seems to cool from this week ☺ ️ ♡ We are looking forward to ❣ ️

No.91 Leah Hoshijiro


Hello, 😊.

The rear.
It’s been a chilly day today too!!

I would be happy if I could snugly with you 💕

Today is the final reception at 9pm, so we look forward to inviting you! Leah ✨ ✨

Dear Mr. L,



How is your day going? I’ve been thinking about you. Thank you for today. I’m glad you seem to have enjoyed my service.

I miss you. I know you’ve been busy but I’d love to see you again.
I sent you hugs and kisses in my thoughts. Hope you feel it.

Best wishes,

No.27 Chika❤️




♪ Hello 😃

It was rainy today, and it got wet because it had gone out in a long skirt, and dried dried in the bathroom (-´ ω ‘ ●)
I was going to put off all even a little while ago that I had to postpone the mood went up very much ✨ 🐒
It’s getting colder a little bit 🌨
Do not you warm your body with my massage?? I’ll be waiting for you (^. ^) ❤ ️

Hello November!


How’s your day going?

I think It’s been good temp for getting along well becuz we naturally want to get closer 😉 haha

I’m looking forward to warming you up😉
would be so happy if you do me back then🥰

Call me 💐Kanon